Normal has happened and is known in the Kaer
Italics has happened but is not known in the Kaer

Bold has happened and is only known in the Kaer

~400 BT: First record of settlement at what is now Vivane.
~100 BT: Elianar Messias banished from Wyrm Wood
~50 BT: Elianar Messias is found dead with the Books of Harrow. Kearos Navarim founds Nehr’esham.
~1 TH: Construction begins on the Eternal Library.
12 TH: Thandos I, first king of Throal, mysteriously vanishes and is succeeded by his son Thandos II.
~100 TH: Eternal Library completed. Jaron completes translation of First Book of Harrow. Early signs of Horrors recorded in Scytha, Landis, and elsewhere. The Invae Burnings.
~200 TH: Kearos Navarim becomes First Elder of Thera. House K’tenshin founded.
212 TH: Theran envoys first contact Landis with news of the coming Scourge.
220 TH: Thandos V of Throal dies without heir. A brief civil war erupts. Braza I becomes king and begins excavating Braza’s Kingdom.
300 TH: Theran forces conquer Vivane.
309 TH: Construction begins on Sky Point.
341 TH: Kearos Navarim dies.
346 TH: Meach Vara Lingam unveils Rites of Protection and Passage.
~405 TH: Crystal Raiders attack a Shosaran trading vessel, sparking the Orichalcum Wars.
~440 TH: Cara Fahd collapses after Cathon Grimeye causes a lava field to erupt during battle with Landis.
443 TH: Battle of Sky Point and Theran Declaration of Empire.
~900 TH: Construction begins on the Halls of Throal.
- 921 TH: The Dayspring Gathering occurs, leading to the construction of Kaer Dayspring and the founding of the Dayspring Academy.
950 TH: Varulus I becomes king of Throal.
960 TH: The Book of Tomorrow is commissioned.
997 TH: A group of Throalic nobles known as The Fourteen are banished for plotting against Varulus I.
1008 TH: Thera seals its citadel.
1032 TH: The Raggok Incident in Throal gives the first indication of Passions being driven mad.
1045 TH: Parlainth enacts the ritual that moves it to the pocket netherworld.
- 1048 TH: Kaer Dayspring closes it's gates.
1049 TH: Varulus I visits the Great Dragon Icewing.
1050 TH: Throal seals its gates.

- 1056 TH: An individual succumbs to the Smiling Death and is sealed in a mausoleum.
1057 TH: The Horror Whisper is discovered in Throal and defeated through the efforts of several adepts.

- 1058 TH: First instance of The Knocking occurs – the sound was heard for 3 days and it's source was never truly found, though it was tracked to what was thought to be solid rock behind the True Earth dome.
- 1108 TH: Second instance of The Knocking – tracked to another place thought to be solid rock.
- 1148 TH: One hundred years since the sealing of the Kaer – celebrations subdued but serve to bring the community closer together.

1160 TH: Varulus I dies at age 270. Varulus II takes the throne.
- 1193 TH: Third instance of The Knocking – located once again in what should be solid rock, this time continues for 5 days and shifts slightly round the dome.
1262 TH: The kaer in Wyrm Wood collapses. The elves enact the Ritual of Thorns.
1270 TH: The Council Compact is completed.
1373 TH: Varulus II dies at age 258. Varulus III takes the throne.
1409 TH: First Throalic scouting party heads outside.

1415 TH: Elemental clocks stop moving for some unknown reason, indicating the magic level has stabilized.
1418 TH: The Earthdawn vanishes without a trace during its second voyage.
1420 TH: Throal opens its gates.

~1430 TH: The city of Urupa is founded.
1449 TH: Theran forces return to Barsaive, resulting in the First Theran War.
1452 TH: Parlainth discovered by Garlthik One-Eye and J’role the Honorable Thief.
1458 TH: First Theran War ends as Theran forces retreat to Sky Point.
1474 TH: Neden, only child of Varulus III, born.
1484 TH: The Death Rebellion. The Theran Nethermancer Mordom abducts Prince Neden. He is rescued by J’role and healed by the Great Dragon Mountainshadow.

1485 TH: The troll Torgak and his associates begin clearing the southeastern corner of Parlainth to be used as a base of operations.
- 1495 TH: The Cave-In occurs, killing 2 farming families and leaving Rassirion as the only survivor.
- 1505 TH: Old mausoleum opened – the Smiling Death spreads through Kaer Dayspring, infecting close to half the population and killing almost to a third.

- 1508 TH: A new Council of Nine is elected, with the promise that Kaer Dayspring will open it's doors. This is followed by an expedition into the outside world, lead by Harl Thruf'gale Jr.
1509 TH: The Triumph lands at Ayodhya. Varulus III killed. Neden becomes king and leads an attack on the Triumph. Cara Fahd declares its sovereignty.
1512 TH: The Harwood Incident. Neden writes the Harwood Declaration and distributes it across Barsaive.
1514 TH: Civil unrest in Throal as the question of succession is debated. Iopan forces seize control of Jerris.
1515 TH: Kovar is selected as new king of Throal.

- 1516 TH: (PC group formed at the Dayspring Academy)

1517 TH: Present day.


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