Kaer Dayspring


Nestled in the back of the Dayspring Valley, the Kaer has three entrances, one fake and two real. This fake entrance, coupled with the cave-ins near the real doors, is the reason that the Kaer was not discovered by those who looked.

The Kaer was designed with forethought – the optimists who had a hand designed it to act as a city and trade hub after the scourge, the pessimists designed it as a fortress able to make it that far. As such, the design included large squares for defence, markets or training, tight streets to limit access and small, enclosed, labyrinthine tunnels leading from the doors as the main entrances.

The design philosophy was to make defence as easy as possible, while leaving a vast entry way that could be opened in the future. This lead to the unusual three entry ways, the expansive and well thought out cavern system (reminiscent of Throal) and the Dayspring Academy, a school for Adepts.

Major Events

The Outbreak – during the first days after the Kaer doors closed, a single individual succumbed to the disease known as the Smiling Death. Fortunately, the healers of the Kaer knew how to avoid widespread infection, and there was no epidemic at that time. Unfortunately, they interred the body within a well-sealed mausoleum which was not properly marked, leading it to be opened a few centuries later and releasing the disease amongst the population. This time the healers were not able to contain the infection and it rapidly spread through the Kaer, killing many.

During the outbreak, a third of the Kaer’s inhabitants succumbed to the plague, including 3 councilors and a number of prominent members of the community.

The Cave-In – An tragic and inexplicable event in the recent past, the cave-in above the fields of second sphere's Pit. The cave-in caused the deaths of 12 farmers, including the Haeeth family in their home. Rassirion was the only survivor, having snuck out prior to the incident.

The Knocking – An odd occurrence that has happened once every 20-70 years, a loud knocking has been heard coming from the outside of the protective True Earth spheres, never from the same place twice and never for more than a week. The occurrences have always coincided with tragic events, be that an unfortunate accident or a horrific catastrophe.

Major Personalities

The Council of Nine - The council is a group of respected members of the community, partially elected every 10 years. There are always three places reserved: one for the current head of the Academy, one for the head of the Farmers and one for the head of the Watch. The currently sitting members are:​​​​​​

  • First Councilor Kurn 'Iron Jaw' – Current Mayor of Kaer Dayspring

    • Orc non-adept, known for being blunt but fair
    • Comes from a family of Orc smiths, the first to not be involved with the forge
    • Has sat on the council for 20 years, was instrumental in convincing people to send out adepts
    • Loved by all, in public at least
    • Mayor of dayspring, the first in 100 years to hold both titles at the same time
  • Second Councilor Olard Planttouch

    • Head Farmer and exceptionally talented Dwarf Elementalist
    • Spends his time talking to the elementals of the Kaer, a core reason behind the current bumper crop yields 
  • Third Councilor Illiara (Librarian)

    • Elven Wizard obsessed with the written word
    • Has been a vocal supporter of opening the doors to explore the 'New World'
  • Fourth Councilor Ebion Stoneforge (Head of the Academy)

    • Obsidian Weaponsmith and current head of the Dayspring Academy
    • Joined the Kaer just before the doors closed, drawn in by the Kaer's optimistic ideals
    • Has trained all of the Weaponsmiths of the Kaer for the past 450 years
  • Fifth Councilor Daken Olvar

    • Dwarven administrator, precise and fastidious in his work
    • Knows most things that occur in the Kaer
    • Works tirelessly for the good of the Kaer
  • Sixth Councilor Kri'Shan

    • Head of water purification and management
    • T'skrang matriarch of the Kaer
  • Seventh Councilor
  • Eighth Councilor
  • Ninth Councilor



Life in Dayspring

Life in Dayspring


Geography of the Kaer


The Dayspring Valley is located on the north-west slopes of the Tylon mountains and was a highly fertile, secluded valley before the Scourge.


The Kaer is made up of three interlinked spheres of True Earth, with 2 levels allowing for life within each. There were only 2 entrances built to the Kaer from the valley floor, each a tunnel reaching deep into the rock to meet the top level of two of the spheres, each trapped and warded heavily. The ‘bottom’ of each sphere holds a greenhouse type setup, known as the Pits, where the Kaer’s Elementalists work with the farmers to grow the food required to make life possible.

The top level of each sphere is lit by vast constellations of light quartz, arranged in the patterns once seen with the naked eye in the night skys of Barsaive. The ceiling is as high as possible with 2 heavily warded vents per dome.

Places of Interest

The Library – a rather significant investment by the magicians of the villages and towns that came to Dayspring, the Library is more than just a collection of books. With a small amphitheatre and a Librarian who is fastidious in his work, the Library has become the centre for discussion on all things non-civic. The defining feature, however, is the collections of grimoires and tomes that those studying the magical arts have gifted to the Library – all under lock and key to ensure only those who are properly able to deal with the power and information therein.

The Dayspring Academy – A school for the formal training of Adepts, the Academy was part of the founding of Kaer Dayspring, an insurance policy that would give the Kaer it’s best chance of survival both during and after the Scourge. The school has members of most disciplines that were represented in Barsaive before the Scourge, training those who wish to follow a path, while giving each generation the training required to ensure they’re not the last.

The Pits – Though ominously names, the Pits are the bottom sections of two of the True Earth spheres. Filled with highly fertile soil and lit by specially designed light quartz chimneys, the Pits grow all the food for the Kaer, as well as allowing for space to raise livestock. Tended to by both the Elementalists and Farmers of the Kaer, the liberal application of magic has also allowed the circulation of air and waste to be efficiently incorporated into the process. The third sphere holds a lake/reservoir containing the water for the Kaer, fed by the Dayspring.


Kaer Dayspring

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