Starting Setting

Many Kaers opened up close to the time that they were rediscovered by Throal, some opened after a time by themselves. Kaer Dayspring however, waited for contact or word from outside, and after hearing nothing for a full 95 years after the elemental clock stopped they have decided to send out their newest, most eager adepts to discover if the world is safe.

Hidden in the secluded Dayspring Valley in the Tython Mountains, Kaer Dayspring's entrance was covered by a cave in just after being sealed. Making an exit was the first in a long line of issues that arose before any expeditions into the outside world could be made.

The Kaer was started early after the warnings of the Scourge, and all communities near by were asked to contribute. Due to the high numbers of settled adepts in the area, Kaer Dayspring was especially well equipped when it's doors closed.

All races available, Kaer Dayspring was a joint effort between all those who lived in the valley and near by areas.

All disciplines available as the residents of the local area had a higher than usual concentration of settled adepts, and the community believed that the key to survival both during and after the scourge was complete preparedness.

First circle adepts, you've all been training for the day the doors open, and have been granted the honour of being the first ones to venture into the valley again, and into the world.

Starting Setting

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