Kai'Miro Po

Human Nethermancer


Age: 19
Height: 168cm
Weight: 69kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: pale grey
Skin: pale, white

Personality: Curious but quiet, Kai is always trying to figure out patterns and puzzles in things. he is calm but when raised to anger can often take a while to back down

Appearance: Slim with dark clothing and a dark purple cloak. Kai is very sensitive to daylight so will often wear a slim peice of cloth over his eyes during the day and rely heavily on astral sight.


Born to a wealthy family, Kai is one the (slightly) oldest of twin boys. His twin brother, Milinoi, was his favourite person in the whole world.

When Kai was young his parents and brother were killed by the sickness. His father was the first to die, followed by his mother then last of all his brother. Kai was also sick but he survived. It is something he has never been able to forgive about himself. On the night of their deaths Kai remembers seeing shadowy creatures feeding on the bodies of his family.

Kai was sent to the orphanage where he had a hard time settling in, he would often lash out at larger children and receive beatings as he was small and could not defend himself well.

One day a larger child threw Milinoi’s toy soldier (a keepsake Kai carried with him always) into a fire. Kai did not hesitate and put his hand straight into the flames to retreive the toy. His left hand still bears the scars.

Kai'Miro Po

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