Rassirion Haeeth

Elven Swordmaster


Race: Elf




Rassirion Haeeth was the only child of Tasathion and Mirien Haeeth. Tasathion was an accomplished healer and well respected in the community. His wife, Mirien, was a farmer specialized in herbs of all kinds, and a member of the Kaer’s council. As a result of his parent’s success, Rassirion grew up in comfort. The family wanted for nothing, and were known for their generosity and community spirit.

Ras, as his friends called him, was a bright and friendly child. He loved to dance at festivals, and was always polite and courteous, even if he was always trying to be the center of attention. Like many children, he had an imaginary friend that he named Sallah (Sperethiel for silence/non-speech). Sallah would tell him secrets about the people of the Kaer, and often promised that he would join Rassirion in time. As Ras entered puberty, Sallah became insistent that Ras start to do things for him. At first Ras was happy to help out his friend, but he soon realized that the things he was doing were beginning to have a wider effect on the community, causing distrust and suspicion.

When Sallah came to Ras next, and asked him to damage the carvings around the doors of the Kaer. He refused to help Sallah anymore, and told Sallah to never speak to him again. Ras heard a scream of rage tear through his mind, and then the Kaer began to rumble. The ceiling directly above the Haeeth Farmstead collapsed, killing dozens of people, including both of Rassirion’s parents. As rescuers cleared the rubble, Ras was one of two survivors of the devastation. He never forgot what he’d almost done, and he dedicated his life to the wellbeing of the Kaer from that day on.

Ras was enrolled at the Dayspring Academy, and took up the path of the Swordmaster. He also spent a great deal of time with those friends of his mother on the council, aiming to one day count himself among their number. He continued his family’s tradition of generosity and community spirit when his studies allowed, and considered himself incredibly lucky to have been allowed to speak before the council on a number of occasions.

To be continued…

Rassirion Haeeth

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