Altor Thruf’gale

Human Scout


Race: Human
Age: 17-22




Altor grew up the second son of the once widely regarded House Thruf’gale. The Thruf’gales in the pre-Scourge world were an important noble/trading house in the city of Kratas but long held the opinion that the Scourge would not appear. Due to this opinion they traded ruthlessly and amassed a large fortune, but made many enemies in doing so. When the horrors came no one would help them and they had to spend their fortune just to survive and barely managed to make it to Kaer Dayspring before they closed their doors forever. The family held themselves in high regard and the proceeding generations have continued this attitude, yet this view is not very pervasive in the merchant or noble circles of Dayspring.

Altor’s father Harl and mother Junideen were involved with many other minor families to try and take advantage of the opening of the Kaer and had been setting their first born Harl junior on the path of being the family’s savior. Harl junior was a strong charismatic young man who didn’t let his parent’s high opinion of the Thruf’gale name overly influence the person he became. He played people like instruments and was respected and even loved by most of those he meets. He was attractive, clever and strong and things coming easily to him.

Altor is withdrawn, kept in the shadow of his older brother for his entire life he has tried to remove himself from his family and their opinions, preferring his own company and exploring as much of Dayspring as possible. He has spent time with many people of many occupations and has picked up an interesting array of talents and knowledge useful on the dodgy path but his innate noble nature does not allow him to go down this way. Instead he uses them to satisfy his curiosity about places and people… Always watching, rarely engaging and straining for understanding of everything around him. He is built more like his mother, moderately tall yet lithe unlike his brother with an almost cat like grace.

Now most people would think two brothers so unalike would be at odds, but not Altor and Harl Jr! Altor worships his older brother, always happy to be in his company and help where he can, with Harl seeing Altor as his right hand – needing his observations, judgments and honesty.

A plan had been hatched to start exploring and trading outside the kaer with Harl jr the natural choice to lead but tragedy struck when the Outbreak swept through the Kaer. Killing Harl Sr and weakening Harl jr as well as many of their family’s friends and partners, prompting Altor to take it upon himself to continue the family’s designs…. Of course he doesn’t tell them any of this, he needs to prove he can do this on his own.

Altor Thruf’gale

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